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Form your team and rsvp this week!

Amazing Race BG!!!  Friday, May 13th

We are looking forward to the upcoming ACT BG Amazing Race.  We encourage ALL adults (21 and older) to form a group and participate in an entertaining evening of fun activities while raising money for the Bobcat Bands at the same time.  Form your team, or send in your name to be added to a random team and make new friends. 

Your Team Name:  _____________________________________

Team Contact:  ________________________________

Phone #:  ___________________________________

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RSVP to the BG Chamber (419-353-7945 )  

$25 per person before May 6th 

or $30 per person before May 10th


Amazing Race BG!!!

Amazing Race BG!!!

Just a reminder that the ACT BG Amazing Race is coming up soon on Friday May 13th.  This group has generously agreed to support our upcoming Florida trip with the proceeds from this great event.  We encourage ALL our band parents to form a group and participate in a really fun evening while raising money for the Bobcat Bands at the same time. 

The fliers and entry forms are attached.  A team is whatever you wish to contain in a vehicle while roaming through BG looking for clues to the next destination and ultimately the party location at the end.  We need to make sure we get a good turnout to help support this event and our band students at the same time. 

RSVP to the BG Chamber (419-353-7945 )  

$25 per person before May 6th 

or $30 per person before May 10th

We also need 8 volunteers to hand out the clues at the various destinations throughout the course.  Please contact David Shilling (  if you can help out or have any questions. 

Thanks for your support of the Bobcat Bands and we look forward to seeing you in May for the Amazing Race!          

Concert Friday Morning 4.29.16 at 10AM

Symphonic Band members and Jazz Cat members are asked to dress neatly for Friday's concert featuring these two groups.  For boys, a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants, and dress shoes would be appropriate.  For girls, an appropriate dress or dress pants, and dress shoes, and a smile.  

NEWS RELEASE   4.25.16      Special Invitation for Senior Citizens and preschool children

The Young & Young @ Heart Concert will take place on Friday, April 29th in the BG Performing Arts Center (PAC) at 10:00am.  Although this concert is planned for senior citizens and preschool children, others are also welcome to attend this free concert.  At the conclusion of the concert, the senior citizens attending will be served refreshments.  

Both the BGHS Jazz Cats and symphonic band will be featured in the concert. 

Music selections will include several Jazz Big Band selections such as “Mood Indigo,”   “All of Me,” and “Oh Lady Be Good" and the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” 

The Symphonic Band performance will include the magical “Abracadabra,” a piece about “Bugs,” a flute solo featuring senior Lilly Rakas, and the movie favorite “Star Wars.” 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at 10:00am in the BGHS performing arts center for this Free Concert

Trip Sponsors Update

We would like to thank the following corporate sponsors that have already sent checks for the upcoming Trip to Florida!

Kaiser Family Dentistry

Stott CPA

Mike Marsh

Poggemeyer Design

Epsilon Pi Tau

Robert Latta

Schick Electric

John T. Archer & Associates

Evans Home Loans

Newlove Management

Bags for Bucks Fundraiser Collection

Students need to turn in their Garbage Bag Fundraiser Order Forms and Money/Checks on

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (April 25th, 26th, & 27th) before school in the HS & MS Band Rooms.  

We would encourage you to reach out to neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers for your final sales.  Everybody has garbage and needs a place to put it.  This is a high quality product priced similar to that you would find in your stores but very profitable to the students account for the upcoming trip.   

Two Bag Sizes   -   Both are $12 per roll

18 Gallon white - 60 bags per roll

39 Gallon yellow - 20 bags per roll

Bobcat Proud once again - congrats

Congratulations to all that are involved in the Footloose musical production.  This was impressive and entertaining from beginning to end.  I often feel that a performance is best when I become so absorbed in the production that I feel as if it is happening in real life.  (Such as in Forrest Gump becoming a college football star, teaching Elvis how to dance, running across America, creating a shrimp boat fleet, becoming a professional ping pong player, ...couldn't help but want to believe it.)   For me, Footloose, had many believable moments because the entire cast and staff worked so well together.  My congrats to each of you.

If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to attend this weekend.  Bruce Corrigan

Everybody needs Garbage Bags - a great fundraising opportunity!

Everybody has garbage and needs a place to put it.  I want to encourage our students/parents to take the opportunity to raise money selling these garbage bags.  My understanding is that our garbage bag fundraiser product is equal or better quality than that found in the stores and sold at the same price per roll.  ALL profits from this fundraiser go to the trip accounts of the students selling the bags.   The students earn $5.50 for each sale toward their trip.  

OUR FIRST TURN IN DATE is MONDAY (4/18/16) in the band room before school.  

Two Bag Sizes   -   Both are $12 per roll

18 Gallon white - 60 bags per roll

39 Gallon yellow - 20 bags per roll

I have attached an order form to this Web Blast.  If you have trouble opening the attachment from your email message or from the Website (, email me at and I will send you the attachment.  

We also have plenty of extra order forms in the band room.  We also have envelopes to collect the payments as the orders are placed.  

Brainstorming who you can approach to SELL GARBAGE BAGS :  your family, neighbors, church groups, clubs, teachers,  relatives, elementary teachers, your dentist, secretaries, co-workers, baseball team parents, soccer moms ........EVERYBODY HAS GARBAGE AND NEEDS A PLACE TO PUT IT!



FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY!!!    Please read the following letter and attachment.  We have had several band parents work together to set up this opportunity for fundraising.  I consider this one of the best opportunities to raise money for your band students (with little or no cost to you).   BC

Need help with attachments?

Hi,  If others are having difficulty opening the attachments for the AMAZING RACE, feel free to email me and I will send them as an email attachment.    thanks, BC


Attention Bobcat Band Boosters, Parents, and Friends,

Here is an excellent opportunity to raise significant funds for the upcoming trip to Disney this December.  The ACT BG group has been doing fundraisers to help several organizations in and around our community for over 10 years.  Their innovative approach to fundraising has been to make them both profitable for the organization and fun for those participating in the event.  If you have already participated in their previous fundraisers, you know how productive and fun these fundraisers are.  This is a tremendous opportunity for us to raise significant funds for the band, to increase the awareness of our needs, to improve relationships between the community and the Bobcat Bands, and to have a fun night of entertainment.  

We encourage our parents/adults to participate in this entertaining activity in several ways.  First, if you could place the posters around town in local businesses and other establishments to help raise awareness.  Secondly, we would also encourage you to form your own team to participate in the event itself.  A team will consist of however many people you wish to safely place in 1 vehicle.  Details will be found on the attached fliers.  If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact David Shilling. 

Thanks for your support for the Bobcat Bands and hope to see you in May for the Amazing Race!  


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